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The Angels’ Share A Bourbon Kings Novel – Book Review

The Angels' Share by J.R. Ward

The Angels’ Share by J.R. Ward

It’s summer and what better way to spend those hot, lazy summer days than curled up poolside with a good book. And not just any book, but a Dynasty-esque style book that will have you ignoring the kids and your husband and calling in delivery for dinner because you don’t want to put it down.

The Angels’ Share is the latest from J.R. Ward, author of my favorite series ever The Black Dagger Brotherhood, and is the second book in The Bourbon Kings series. I reviewed The Bourbon Kings last year when it was first released, eager to get my hands on anything Ward writes, and I loved it. It was like a mix of Dallas and Dynasty and had all the makings of an epic family saga that could spread over inumerable books.

The first book introduced us to the Baldwine family, old Kentucky money who own and operate a thriving bourbon business, or so they thought. At the end of the first book, patriarch William Baldwine who is loved by few and respected by fewer meets his maker, and in The Angels’ Share we have to see how the rest of the family will deal with the loss.

We were introduced to all the key players in book one, including siblings Lane, Edward, Gin and Max and while The Bourbon Kings focused mostly on Lane’s return to the family and his reconnection with former flame Lizzie, The Angel’s Share gives us more insight in to both Gin and Edward, providing a nice look in to what it was like growing up as a child of William Baldwine and making us all understand why no one really misses him.

Unfortunately the patriarch didn’t go softly in to the sweet  night, and left his company in financial ruin. Between trying to dig their family business out of the financial hole they’ve found themselves in and wondering if it maybe one of his siblings is responsible for his father’s death, Lane finds himself in almost over his head. Fortunately he’s smart enough and connected enough to pull a few strings to keep things running, for now.

Once again Ward delivers a colourful cast of characters that she fleshes out at just the right time, and knows how to give the reader the right mix of HEA and compelling cliffhanger. If I had one complaint, it would be about her writing style in this book. The Bourbon Kings felt incredibly unique, but in The Angels’ Share I felt at times like I was reading a BDB book. The Baldwine family and the vampires of the BDB are very different characters, but at times it felt like one of the Kentucky born and bred elite could be lacing up their shitkickers and getting ready to kill some lessers. I’m hoping in the next book their voices are more distinct.

The Angels’ Share was a really satisfying sequel to The Bourbon Kings and I was left eagerly anticipating the next book in the series to learn more about this functional dysfunctional family. If you like intrigue, romance and family secrets, this is definitely the series for you.

The Angels’ Share is available on July 26th.


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