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‘Bared To You’ – A Book Review

bared to you

When Penguin Canada first contacted me to see if they could send me a copy of Bared To You they told me to be prepared for something #fiftyshadeshotter. I am a huge fan of the Fifty Shades trilogy and had a hard time picturing anything that could be #fiftyshadeshotter than that trio of books! But I was wrong because Bared To You definitely had me blushing while turning the pages (very, very quickly).

At first glance Bared To You looks a whole lot like Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean, even the names of the lead characters are similar – instead of Christian Grey, Bared To You gives us Gideon Cross, and instead of Anastasia Steele we have Eva Tramell. And while both books tell the stories of impossibly good looking young, uber-wealthy men with control issues, it’s who they fall for that sets the two apart.

Bared To You tells the story of young professional Eva Tramell who’s chance meeting with the uber sexy, young and powerful Gideon Cross turns into a very hot and steamy relationship that plays out beautifully and erotically on the pages. So while the premise of Bared and Fifty Shades is very similar, the main difference is the lead female character. While Ana Steele was a young, inexperienced woman lacking any kind of scandal in her life, Eva Tramell is the opposite. Which makes you kind of like her but not at the same time.

Eva is just as young and beautiful as Gideon Cross. She’s wealthy and confident and successful but she’s not without her own issues, which are alluded to from the onset of the book and finally revealed as Eva and Gideon’s relationship heats up. And heat up it does. If you thought Fifty was graphic in its sex scenes, Bared is downright explicit. Which, let’s be clear,  I’m totally ok with, but even I was somewhat shocked during some of scenes. And while the relationship between Eva and Gideon is very different from Christian and Ana’s, the formula seems to be very similar – be prepared to see a lot of similarities between Bared and Fifty.

With that being said I still enjoyed Bared To You a lot. It was a fun, erotic beach read that I whipped through in less than two days. The sequel, Deeper Into You is due out in October (the cover art was revealed today on Sylvia Day’s facebook page) with a third installment due next year. And make no mistake I will read them, oh yes I will. Because I loved Fifty Shades of Grey and I loved Bared To You.  And even though they are similar I’m looking forward to seeing Gideon and Eva’s relationship develop, and how the author will have it play out. Fifty Shades is a highly successful trilogy and I wonder if Bared will follow the formula or if books 2 and 3 will bring us something different. I just started reading erotic novels this year and I’m not gonna lie, I can’t get enough! And while these books have their critics, I’m not one of them.

So if you’re sad that you’ve finished the Fifty Shades trilogy and are looking for what could possibly follow them up I would definitely suggest picking up Bared To You.  I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  And make sure you come back and tell me what you think.  I’ll also have an interview with the author of Bared To You, Sylvia Day, to post soon. Looking forward to it!


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