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Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals That She Bought Her Golden Globes Dress ‘Off The Rack’

In my wildest dreams, I’m a size 6. Like, in my fantasies, when I’m wearing those jeans I’ve been dying to fit in to and haven’t been able to since I was 19, I’m a size 6. I’ve starved myself for months and come no where close to being a size 6. Which is why watching Bryce Dallas Howard talk about how she had to buy her Golden Globes dress off the rack just to get some variety is a bit maddening. Because, as she reveals when talking to Guiliana Rancic, having only one option as a size 6 – which is what she would probably only get if she were to wait for a designer to provide her with a sample, isn’t what she wants. She wants LOTS OF OPTIONS so she goes to the department store and BUYS HER OWN DRESS!



Anybody else choke a bit when Guiliana Rancic told Bryce that ‘I hear you sister’ after Bryce commented ‘you know how it is?’ I’m fairly certain that Guiliana doesn’t know how it is because she’s a size 0 and can wear any sample size they give her.

While I despise the Kardashian’s for their vapidness, I do appreciate all that they’ve done for making the non size 0 body desireable in Hollywood. Last night we saw scores of women in Hollywood who weren’t your typical size 0.  It seems the trend of emaciated starlet is giving way to healthier and fitter bodies on the red carpet. Now if only the designers would take notice of this, then gorgeous SIZE SIX actresses like Bryce Dallas Howard wouldn’t have to buy their gowns at Neiman Marcus. But it seems the fashion industry is always behind and still trying to cling to the fact that a size 0 is a sample size. Honestly – do you even know anyone who is a size 0?

Oddly enough, I couldn’t tell you what designer any other actress wore, but I won’t forget that Bryce wore Jenny Packham, which would have been even better if Jenny Packham had actually sent Bryce a selection of dresses to try instead of her having to hunt through the department store and buy it herself. I’m not saying celebrities shouldn’t have to pay for their own gowns, I’m just saying that sending a variety of sample sizes should be the norm, since then it would be an actual sampling of sizes.

Bryce’s husband, Seth Gabel also completely agreed that his wife looked hot, tweeting out this picture that confirms just what he thought of her look.


Maybe celebrities should buy off the rack more often!

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  1. Lynn says:

    I saw a picture of Guiliana in a showcase of Globe Fashion and just on her own, I was struck by how ill she looked – there’s thin, but she looks TOO thin, in a hollow and unattractive way. Watching this clip of the two ladies next to each other I’m so happy to say that it’s Bryce that looks healthy and lovely – like she’s glowing. I also hope this will help designers embrace a wider variety of sample sizes.

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