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I Kind Of Hate Jessica Simpson Now

jessica simpson and her boobs at the airport

OMG you guys! Honestly – I know I’ve been flip flopping a bit on this whole Jessica Simpson weight issue thing, but now I think I just hate her. First I said that she had to come out of hiding because if you sign a multi million dollar endorsement deal to lose your baby weight (thereby encouraging other women to do the same) then people should actually SEE YOU LOSE THE WEIGHT!  But then she made her first public appearance and she looked great and I thought ‘good for you – not every celeb can be a size 2 mere weeks after giving birth’.   And then she went and screwed it all up because now she’s just treating us like we’re stupid.  And WE ARE NOT STUPID!

Listen, I get that as a celebrity she was paid millions of dollars to lose weight. Something that many of us actually pay others to help us do. Whether you have a trainer or use a diet system we don’t get paid to lose our baby weight nor do most of us have nannies and cooks and all the time in the world to exercise like Jessica Simpson has. And still I was ok to let it go because her baby is small and sometimes it takes some time to get back in the rhythm of things.  But now she’s gone too far.  Instead of admitting that she was a lazy glutton who just simply ate too much crap while pregnant and therefore gained way too much weight while pregnant, now she’s treating us like we’re stupid. Because she’s not a supermodel and she’s just like you and me and she no one can tell her what she has to weigh.  Have you seen the new commercial yet?  Here – watch it first then we’ll discuss.

OMG punch me in the face if I have to watch that crap one more time. ‘Im not a supermodel, I’m just Jessica’. Really? I mean, really? How about the fact she insists on not showing her body at all in the commercial. So this is a woman who wants to sell you a weight loss product but she’s not ready to show you how it actually works because she doesn’t want you ‘comparing yourself to her, but rather to be inspired for your own Weight Watchers journey.’  In other words she didn’t lose the weight fast enough and was too embarrassed to show her body in the commercial so she made them shoot her from the neck up. THE NECK UP!!  Then she appeared on Katie Couric’s new talk show and spoke about her weight gain saying;

‘I thought my doctors were telling me that it was just a lot of water and whenever my water broke my whole entire stomach would go down but that did not happen.   All the weight did not come out with the baby.’

Seriously? Is she stupid? Or does she think we’re stupid because we’re buying this.  Because no doctor, looking at how much weight that woman gained when pregnant, would tell her that was ‘water weight’.   But now she’s supposed to be a role model for other women who are having trouble losing their baby weight.  Kind of how Jessica Alba wants to be known as a celeb mom now, Jessica Simpson also is trying to appeal to the very lucrative ‘mommy market’.  Let’s be smart about this and not make Jessica Simpson the face of ‘real women’ everywhere. Please.

Here’s Jessica at the airport yesterday thinking that if she shows off the girls it might distract from the rest of her.

Photos by BJJ/Crown/FAMEFLYNET




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  1. deb says:

    Oh how I love your posts *giggle*

  2. Storm says:

    LOL, loved your post…..

    I am a Weight Watcher and have been with them for years, lost a ton of weight and have kept it off. To say I was disgusted when I heard how much they were paying Petunia Pig to lose weight, is an understatement. But to then make a commerical with just a talking head, well, that is when I wrote WW a letter complaining about paying dues and then having them use it to pay this piglet to NOT lose weight…never received a response. I have since left WW, along with 20 of my friends, and from what I understand so have many others. I guess they choose the wrong spokesperson.

    I don’t see how seeing at a celebrity get paid to lose weight is an inducement for people who struggle with weight lose, day in and day out.

    1. Pam says:

      I’m a WW member I’m offended that another member would ever call another overweight person a pig. Really? Was all the name calling necessary? I don’t agree with the commercial, either. If you run an ad for weight loss, you have to show the body. I think it was a cop out on WW part. In Jessica’s defense, she’s human and no matter how much support she has, it’s still a bitch to lose weight, especially with all the added pressure of a new baby. I think people should cut her a little slack.

  3. Ruth says:

    Oh… and she said she ballooned up to 170 lbs while pregnant. At 5’4″ that chick weighed waaayyy more than 170 lbs before she delivered. Let’s be honest… she hit 200+

    Another indication that she thinks we’re stupid

  4. Christy says:

    She is such a dumb ass! Not to mention what kind of Dr lets a baby get 10 lbs? Or et her gain 100 lbs! Jessica ignorant too think she would push all that fat out with baby!

  5. Michele says:

    no one has the right to call her fat and even care about how much weight she gained! women have ENOUGH pressure to be stick thin that calling them a pig is ridiculous. i am a member of weight watchers and still find it hard to lose weight. not because im lazy but because the pressure to lose weight is hard! she is doing something and THATS what matters. no one has the right to judge her. it sounds like jealousy to me.

  6. Christine says:

    I can relate to your flip-flopping – is she really obnoxious (yes) or do I feel sorry for her (not really)? I felt badly when she got made fun of for the unflattering mom jeans photo – I mean it would be hard for anyone to look good in those. And as a fellow mom who is still “losing that last 5 lbs.” (my youngest is 3!) I want to feel some sympathy for her. But I just don’t. Thinking that the baby weight would just “fall off” after the baby popped out is just so ridiculous, and she’s made a lot of ridiculous comments in the past, so my standards weren’t very high. Thanks for the funny post!

  7. Eric says:

    Well interesting article. yeah jessica has gain some weight. since her singing days. Back in 1999-2006 she had six pack look great. she added alot weight around stomach. even before she was pregant. back when she was dating romo she started to pack on weight in 2007. She is pregant again. i am not going to hate on jessica. i have struggle with my weight over past 10 yrs. used to be 6ft3 280 pounds. lost alot water weight. down to 217 pounds atm. eat alot fruit, veggies, weight watchers meals. workout with my weight bench. tone up. i enjoy weight watchers breakfast, lunch dinner meals, desserts. eat right foods. workout everyday. got weight goal of 185 pounds. at 217pounds got long way go. i beleive i will hit 185 very soon. I wish jessica best. weight watchers really helped out former ameican idol jennifer hudson. who lost alot weight. was spokeperson for ww even wrote book about her new body. so it can be done. just eat right foods. workout. small meals. jennifer hudson living proof. u can lose weight. if ur moitvated and want to lose weight.

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