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In My Next Life I Want To Come Back As A Teen Idol

So I’m looking through the photo agency pics and I see these pictures of the boy band One Direction aboard a yacht named ‘Just For Fun’ in Sydney, Australia, thoroughly enjoying themselves as they relax and go swimming. On a yacht. In Australia. Why yes, I am just a bit jealous.

Here’s a group of boys that were, not so long ago, just a group of boys. Now, thanks in part to Simon Cowell, they’re adored by tween and teen girls everywhere and they’re vacationing on yachts in Australia. Justin Bieber takes girlfriend Selena Gomez on helicopter dates. Clearly I need to take my boys out of hockey and get them some singing lessons.

Here’s a video of One Direction singing my new favourite song, One Thing, on SNL this past weekend.

Honestly – sign me up for this life.

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