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It Must Be Thursday! ‘True Blood’ Recap Time!

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Your weekly True Blood wrap up is brought to you by the awesome Rebecca of Bit of Momsense!

A busy week last week meant I missed recapping episode 3 so let me do a quick 3 sentence recap: Bill and Eric get death spikes attached to them and sent to hunt Russell, Salome sleeps with Bill, Eric and Roman (well played girl), we see why Eric turned Pam in flashbacks (and it’s shocking,) Tara tries to kill herself and Sookie tells Alcide she killed Debbie. Whew.

Going into episode 4 let me just say: I AM LOVING THIS SEASON. It’s fast paced. Stuff is happening quickly, bad guys are getting killed and there’s sex. It’s what True Blood should be. The storylines are still a little all over the map (sorry Terry, I just don’t care) but finally they are starting to be pulled together.

So Episode 4 is picking up with Alcide storming off from Sookie who is just sick of lying and hiding things (and maybe killing people there Sook?) and Lafayette is not happy. He calls her the angel of death telling her she’ll be fine in all of this, she always is, but she leaves others in her wake. This will continue to be a theme this episode.

Meanwhile, Bill and Eric are released by the authority (although at any minute thanks to technology – killing Vampires – There’s an app for that!) they could get staked with the gadgets attached to them but they need to find Russell. There are only four people who know where he was – Alcide, Eric, Bill and Pam. Presumably since Alcide was the one who called to tell Eric that Russell escaped, they don’t feel like he released him.

Eric has to find out from Pam if she released Russell. Meanwhile, Pam shows up (having saved Tara from killing herself) and announces to Eric that he’s a grandpa. AWWW. Wait. No not really. Eric doesn’t look happy but he’s on a mission. Pam in a tearful scene swears she’d die a thousand times for Eric and is hurt he doesn’t trust her. But since Eric is Eric, he doesn’t trust anybody.

Bill and Tara have a pretty good scene about her being a new vampire (and she sarcastically tells him how Pam went all ‘as your maker’ on her). I like Tara as a vampire. She’s going to get it together I think.

Sookie meanwhile heads over to turn herself in to Jason who doesn’t want to hear it. She just can’t stop confessing now!! But Jason tells her to go home and he’ll see what he can find out. Jessica hears the news too and in a kind gesture eventually glamours Andy Bellefleur to not remember anything about Debbie Pelt.

Alcide, knowing that Sookie killed Debbie, heads to her parents to tell them that Debbie is in fact dead. I liked Alcide in this scene. Sure, I like shirtless Alcide better than teary Alcide but it played out well. Plus, instead of telling her parents that it was Sookie who killed Debbie, he told them it was Marcus (who is dead, so he can’t very well argue that he didn’t). Perhaps this is the end of the Pelt’s?

Eric heads to see Pam in their coffin basement while Tara is still sleeping and tells her he does trust her but because he feels no matter what happens, either Russell or The Authority will have his life, he feels that he must, as her maker, release her.

In True Blood it’s rare that I feel sadness and emotional. I’ve felt scared, experienced humour, sexiness, but rarely true sadness. This scene had me. It was so sad for him to feel he had to say those words – Pam didn’t want to be released but she understood (and presumably this simply means that he can’t call her and she can’t feel him in trouble anymore). There was only 1 other time that I felt like this and that was Season 2 when Godric stepped into the sun on the roof in Dallas. I really thought this was sad, but so great.

After being released Pam, having been told by Eric that now that she’s a maker their blood will continue on, takes Tara under her wing and decides to do this maker thing right (or at least, in the way Pam knows how). She starts by giving her new progeny a person to drink. Happy baby vampire.

Drunk Sookie is my new favourite. She feels the whole town hates her, takes the words of Lafayette to heart and drinks. Alone. The knock on the door is Alcide and he tells her that he’s gotten the Pelt’s off her trail and joins her for a drink. Drunken drinking alone on the couch? This seems innocent.

Or not. Sookie, in a drunken moment (none of us have ever been here, right?) leans in and kisses Alcide. And of course, he kisses her back. Make out session ensues!

But don’t you hate it when you are making out with a werewolf and your two ex vampire boyfriends show up and are spying from the outside? HATE THAT.

Bill seems noticeably hurt and Eric seems, well, like Eric with little expression. But Bill insists that they will need to get Sookie involved in helping to find Russell, whether she likes it or not.

So do we get a Sookie-Alcide sex scene next week or do the vamps interrupt??

Other highlights:

Salome convinces Nora to give them a name of someone else who has betrayed them and Roman kills that annoying kid vampire on the council. Anyone else getting weird vibes from Salome? I don’t trust her.

Lafayette went all demon again, but this time he wrecked the brakes on Sookie’s car and nearly killed her. He realized he did it too (after the fact) and he’s worried.

Jason’s trip to the Fairy dance/strip club was more surprising than just the fact that it’s, well, a fairy strip club. We sad Hadley again (Sookie and Jason’s cousin) and she told Jason his parents died because of vampires – not the car accident/drowning they thought. Hmmmm

Terry and Patrick went on a road trip. (yes, I know, I’m being unfair but seriously!)

Sam went to have dinner with his shifter support group and found them both shot!

We still don’t know who freed Russell (any guesses?? Add them in the comments!)

Meanwhile, can we all agree that Eric looked HOT in this episode? Seriously.

(Kelli here – just for fun let’s watch the preview for next week’s episode again!)


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