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James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke With Adele Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day!


I love Adele so much. I love James Corden. Put James Corden and Adele together in a car doing carpool karaoke and I’m in heaven. I’ve literally just watched the entire segment and the entire time I had a goofy smile on my face because I loved it so much. Adele is so genuine and funny and Corden is just the right amount of fangirl, unlike Fallon who screams ‘FAKE’ every time he fawns relentlessly over some overhyped guest, to the point where he makes even his guest want to tell him to ‘tone it down’.

The skit opens with Adele and James singing ‘Hello’ before branching in to a few other classics like ‘Someone Like You’. If you’ve ever wondered if that song still has the ability to make you cry just by hearing it again, trust me when I tell you it does. She sounds even better singing it in a car. Corden also reveals Adele is a huge Spice Girls fan, which only cemented my love of her even more. Then they sang ‘Wannabe’ and I wanted so, so bad to be her best friend and sing Spice Girls songs together on Friday nights when we’re just hanging out. But then, then it gets better, because Corden reveals that Adele can spit some mean rhymes. Not her own she says, but she can sing along with other rap songs. She then proceeds to absolutely slay while rapping Nicki Minaj’s Monster, and my jaw was on the floor.

Corden is no slouch either, surprising Adele a few times with his vocal chops before suggesting he become her ‘hype man’ on tour. He then proceeded to show her what he meant during ‘Rolling in the Deep.’ I said it yesterday after I posted the teaser, that you forget how great that song was. You forget how amazing she is and then you hear her, in a car, singing like she’s onstage at the Grammy’s and you know she’s the real deal. And then she talks about getting drunk over the holidays and paying for random family’s dinners and offering other family’s tickets to sold out shows, and you just want to drink with her.

I’ve only watched this once so far, but I have a feeling it will be on repeat the entire day, and maybe tomorrow, and probably the weekend too. I love them both. This is the best carpool karaoke ever.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Word to everything you wrote here. I want Adele to be in my SQUAD :).

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