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That Pregnant Fitness Model Is Now Waist Training And You Won’t Believe What She Looks Like



I first told you about fitness model Sarah Stage back in April, when she was almost 9 months pregnant. Sarah was pregnant with her first child and posted lots of lingerie pictures tracking the progress of her baby bump to her Instagram account. Obviously Sarah looked too good because she was inundated with criticism over her tiny bump.

Then I posted about her when she shut up all those online trolls by giving birth to a perfectly happy, healthy, (and super adorable) 8 pound 7 ounce baby boy. Well, now I’m posting about her because you will not believe how amazing she looks (ok you totally will since she gained all of nothing while pregnant, but she makes my jaw drop)!

The model has been posting a steady stream of postpartum lingerie shots to her Instagram page once again, now showing that she’s the latest to partake in the ‘waist training’ craze that we can all blame Kim Kardashian for. Sarah posted this picture last week to her page with the caption ‘Keeping everything in place’. She’s also still using that creepy phone case.



I’ll just remind you right now that Sarah’s son won’t even be a month old until May 14th and that is what she looks like. I’m not even sure why she’s bothering with the corset since she posted this picture of herself in a bikini a week ago and she looks like this.


I mean, really? I’m fairly certain she doesn’t need a corset or any help in the body department at all because look at her without it! I am literally amazed when I think that less than one month ago she was pregnant with an 8 pound babay. No way would I even dare to wear antyhing remotely resembling the colour white within a month of giving birth, much less fitting my gigantic post baby belly into a bathing suit. While her postpartum body is very much attributed to her healthy, fit and active pregnancy and the fact that she was so fit before becoming pregnant, I have to assume that a lot at play here is genetics. Clearly she has good genes because I’ve seen many other women who were fit before and after pregnancy look far different than Sarah at 9 months pregnant. So let’s all be jealous of her good genes in addition to her slamming postpartum body, ok?

Kudos to her,because she looks hot! Now, maybe I should give this whole corset thing a try? Any of you ever done it? Let me know.

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  1. says:

    WOW. Most of us are not so lucky, haha. That is absolutely insane how good she looks after only a month.

    Being disciplined and in good shape pays off!

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