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The Trailer For ‘Me Before You’ Made Me Want To Read The Book

Me Before You

I tend to be a lazy reader. I mean, I’m not lazy in that I don’t read, I simply have books that are sent to me to review that take up all my reading time so there’s often large periods of time I rarely get to the bookstore to pick out something for myself. I do, however, often watch movie trailers that are based on books and then immediately decide I need to read it before I see the movie. I mean, books are always better than the movies, so if a movie looks good it must mean the book is great, right? For example. the minute I saw the EW cover featuring Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck promoting Gone Girl, I immediately decided I had to read the book, and it didn’t disappoint (nor did the movie for that matter). Same goes for The Hunger Games and The Fault in our Stars, WILD, etc. I actually wrote a post on books to read before seeing the movie a few years back. Needless to say, often it takes me seeing the big screen reimagining of a book to make me realize I need to get reading. I’m not proud of it, it just is what it is.

That’s exactly what happened when I saw the trailer for the movie adaptation of the JoJo Moyes book ‘Me Before You’. To be honest, I’ve seen friends and colleagues rave about this book in the past, but I never felt compelled enough to pick it up. It’s not like I haven’t read any of her books before, either. I’ve read ‘One Plus One’, and I quite enjoyed it, but still, it wasn’t until I saw the movie trailer for Me Plust You that I knew I wanted to read the book. Odd, isn’t it? And I have to tell you, I really liked that book. I finished it the other night as I lay in bed, feeling a bit of sadness that the I was done with the characters and their stories, until someone tweeted me that there’s actually a sequel coming in September. This make me happy, but I need that long before I can revisit these characters again, because as much as I miss them I’m not ready for what lays next.

The book is a sweet story of a young woman who is hired to be a caretaker for a rather stubborn and belligerent man who is a quadripalegic. He’s angry at the world because of the accident that left him a shell of his former self, and she’s far too content with her small life. Together they become exactly what each other needs.

Me Before You the book will make you laugh and maybe even make you cry, but it will definitely make you smile and compel you to turn the pages to see what will happen. I’m hoping the movie has the same effect. Judging from the trailer, I think it will. It’s due in theatres June 3rd and definitely a date movie, or perhaps a ‘grab your girlfriend for some cocktails and a good cry’ movie.

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