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Watch Kate Hudson Cover Lady Gaga And Jennifer Lopez On Glee! (VIDEO)

kate hudson performs a mash up of lady gaga and jennifer lopez on glee

I am so looking forward to the season premiere of Glee it’s not even funny, even though I hardly watched it last year. Maybe it’s just because I’m almost ‘Big Brother’d’ out and I need some new shows back in my nightly television viewing schedule, or maybe it’s because of Kate Hudson.  I mean, Kate Hudson is guest starring on Glee and she looks like she’s going to be a full on diva. I love it!

I came across this clip of Kate performing a mash up of Lady Gaga’s Americano and Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Dance Again’ and now I really can’t wait.  I just can’t stop looking at her body because she JUST HAD A BABY!!! I have serious arm and ass jealousy going on right now.  I also really like that Kate said that Lea Michele acts like a diva on set.  Because Kate Hudson is not a diva, but she can play one on tv, and she’s enough of a star to call someone out when they actually act like one. Wouldn’t you kill to be a fly on the wall at that taping?  Check it out below. I really, really like that JLo song.

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